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a little bit, on tuesdays

a little bit, on Tuesdays
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James McAvoy/Michael Fassbender

welcome to mcfassy
Everything related to the pairing of James McAvoy/Michael Fassbender is welcome here. This includes fics, art, pics, gifs, fanvids, interviews, news clips/articles, icons, mixes and anything else you can think of.


+ If you post fic, please use the standard header and format (title, author, rating, warnings, a brief summary, optional author's note).

+ All types of fic or art are welcome, but they must be posted with appropriate warnings. One man's poetry is another man's poison, so let's make sure that folks can easily avoid trigger-y materials by posting warnings. For a list of concepts that you MUST warn for, click here.

+ McFassy character pairings (example; Wesley/Brandon, Jung/Valentin} ARE permitted. The only pairing we DO NOT allow is Charles/Erik, as there are plenty of amazing comms dedicated to that already.

+ If the pic/art/gif is not safe for work, please warn appropriately and place it behind a cut.

+ Please use tags! There are tags for types of fanworks and ratings, as well as author/artist tags (please ask a mod to assign you one if necessary )

+ No bashing and fighting one other, please! Such things will not be tolerated.

+ All advertisements must be cleared with a mod.

There is a daily delicious post that includes one pic of James and one pic of Michael. It is highly encouraged that community members use these pics as fodder for comment!fics, icons, etc. Have fun!

questions/concerns/people you can talk to:

Owner (on hiatus]: papercutperfect.
Maintainer: luninosity. You can always ask me things, I'm usually around!
Mods: shayzgirl and significantowl. Ask them any random questions about posting, the comm, upcoming events, and so on!

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