autumn extravaganza round-up post

So I meant to make this post, oh, like, two months ago. I apologize. Life, you know.

So here are the fics from this year's Autumn Extravaganza (remember, we did this one as a kind of amnesty/completion round from previous years); if I forgot anyone's fic or art, please let me know and I'll add it!

light my fire by luninosity for comp_lady. T, 1317 words, autumn domestic fluff and scented candles.

One Fine Day by kernezelda for luninosity. G, 1971 words, lazy days off, breakfast, Star Wars, kissing.

Five Days, Six Nights (And A Bed In Vegas) (completed!) by significantowl for readercat, E, 6063 words, road trips, first times, friends to lovers.